From the Founder

At KEDOVO we owe our sincere gratitude to social entrepreneur Muthoni Schneidewind for having an understanding of the world and the genuine love for her community. Most important is her belief in our community, her desire to see us overcome the lifelong struggles of poverty, diseases, drought and exploitation.


"I do not believe in aid for Africa. On the contrary, I believe in training my people on how to be independent, I believe in empowerment and entrepreneurship. My aim is to bring knowledge and solutions to improve the lives of the people by improving the quality of their products and by diversifying their portfolio. Although I cannot transform the lives of the people at one dash, my little contribution will empower them and bring the change that we all wish for." – Muthoni Schneidewind


Muthoni believes that women and youth empowerment in the Aberdare Mountains and Kiganjo in particular is long overdue and that it is time for her to take actions. She appreciates the fact that poor women and youths have answers to their poverty situations, if we only support them to bring out their abilities. She believes in building partnerships with communities, individuals and institutions.


"I am proud to be the founder of KEDOVO. It is a dream I have lived for and I followed my heart. You too can make it happen!" – Muthoni Schneidewind

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