Volunteer Accommodation


The volunteers are housed in single rooms or double occupancy rooms in several homes of local host families not far away from the project sites.

Proper hot and cold showers are available as well as clean flush toilets. Most of the host homes have electricity and running water.


The meals are prepared by the host families but in some cases the volunteer can assist in food preparation and even introduce traditional dishes from the volunteer's country. Most of the ingredients are locally available.


Volunteers are provided with clean boiled tap/ rain water.

Volunteers can bring along their laptops and use their cellphones as modems to internet connectivity. Volunteers can also access internet cafes in the towns of Chaka, Karatina and Nyeri which are 5 and 15 kms away respectively with public transport.


Laundry for the volunteers is done free of charge by the host families, but the volunteers are asked to launder their undergarments.


Volunteer relaxing in his room after work is done
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