Education for Sustainable Development

''Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world''

-Nelson Mandela-


On January 6th 2003, the government of Kenya introduced a legislation for the implementation of Free Primary Education (FPE). Primary education was free and all that was required was for every child regardless of age to walk into a school next to where they live. From then on, the child was to fully participate in school until completing the cycle. Enrollment in the schools increased with figures of upto 46% as released by Kenya's Ministry of Education in 2011.


The program has achieved measurable successes but this increase in the number of pupils going to primary school has brought a major infrastructural problem. Most of the rural schools are underfunded esp in terms of teachers,learning materials, schools buildings among other amenities. The school infrastructure has drastically deteriorated, including classroom blocks, toilets, writting boards etc and as a result teachers are less inclined to stay and invest in the school.


 KEDOVO e.V  works with rural schools mainly in Nyeri District, and we have supported several schools:


1.Ndurutu Primary School


2.Kirichu Primary School


Ndurutu and Kirichu Primary are located 150 kms from Kenya's capital Nairobi. The community is a coffee producing community with very little income.

Our work with the schools is to support with the education requirements for the children of our amazing coffee producers.


Both Ndurutu and Kirichu fall under the Ndurutu wet mill ( Rutuma Cooperative). We imported the coffee from Ndurutu wet mill to Germany in July 2014.

In line with our work, we have supported Ndurutu Primary schools with Books, Uniforms, Desks and we are currently planning to establish a school library.

To get current updates on our work please check out our Blog.


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The following articles are in relation to Ndurutu Primary:,kaffee328.html



3.Karindundu Primary School


The Karindundu school is located near Karatina town. The community are coffee producers and the coffee from Karindundu wet mill (Barichu Cooperative) was the first coffee that we imported to Germany in Feb 2014.

Following our promise and work with supporting the education requirements of the children of our coffee producers, we supported Karindundu Primary with books and school desks in 2014.

More information about our support can be found under the following links:


To support this community one can buy their coffee in our Online Shop.Please click here to purchase the coffee from Karindundu wet mill.



KEDOVO e.V's Education project aims to :


1. Provide educational materials so children study in good learning environment ie desks, books, equipment for sport and practical subjects


2. Ensure the school has good basic infrastructure and services ie classrooms, toilets, pavements etc


3. Coordinate volunteer teaching opportunities to the school as the current ratio is 30-70 pupils to each permanent teacher.


4. Source Sponsors for the children with special needs in the school, these children being orphaned or disabled, esp in Ndurutu and Kirchu Primary.


5. Encourage sustainable development through ICT in education. This will be achieved through sourcing used and refurbished computers donated to the schools and the community, to offer skills and development. 



Project Requirements

- This project currently requires Financial, Volunteers as well as In-Kind Donations.

- Learning materials eg Text Books, comfortable desks etc are urgently needed.

- Sports equipments eg Balls, sports kits etc.

- Computers for the school; new or refurbished to offer  ICT skills for the pupils.

- Sponsors for the pupils with special needs in the school


please write to so we can forward you the required paperwork.


Though the project is currently being supported by Chania Coffee and Sandtorkai Handel Papenhagen, more support is still required.


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