Medical Volunteers

One of Kedovos main objective is to understand and improve health issues affecting the community through sourcing for cheaper and affordable medical services to the community at large.


Our main focus on this project of medical community development program is supporting the local Nyeri Provincial General Hospital as well as Kiganjo Dispensary


This project is ideally suited for volunteers with medical qualifications and  experience, as well as medical students.


Volunteers without any medical expertise may also participate in this program and lend assistance where specific skills are not needed.


Due to strict policies and regulations in this sector, the volunteers are not allowed to work independently and hence will work closely with the local medical staff.


The services offered at the hospital include: 


- Pediatrics

- Antenatal
- Antiretroviral Therapy
- Basic Emergency Obstetric Care
- Caesarean Section
- Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric Care
- Curative In-patient Services
- Curative Outpatient Services
- Family Planning
- Growth Monitoring and Promotion
- HIV Counselling and Testing
- Immunization
- Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses  

- Prevention of Mother to Child transmission of HIV
- Radiology Services (e.g X-ray, UltraScan, MRI, etc)
- Tuberculosis Diagnosis
- Tuberculosis Labs
- Tuberculosis Treatments
- Youth Friendly Services 


Skilled Medical volunteers will be required to present copies of their qualifications and certificates to the KEDOVO staff on arrival in Kenya.


The hospital needs volunteers in all cadres of medical expertise. 


This project attracts a 30 € fee paid directly to the hospital on arrival.


Volunteers in this project should register 3 months before the onset of their volunteer program.



Volunteers live with local host families. Please click here for more information.

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