Water Tanks for Nyeri



Project No :  KA-4430-14ES Kedovo e.V


Time Period: Nov 2014- Sept 2015


Funding : BINGO! Projektförderung Schleswig Holstein & KEDOVO e.V


Local Organisation Partner: Kenya-Dorf -Volunteers (KEDOVO CBO -KENYA)


Beneficiaries:Ndurutu Village


Status: Accomplished- Successful


Objective: Access to clean Water



This project involves the Improvement of  clean water and its accessibility at household and community level.


Many families in this community do not have access to to clean water. The women and children spend many hours in the process of fetching water, having to walk many kilometers to draw and carry the water from the River Chania and back home.


Access to clean water will be done through the construction of rain water harvesting tanks for collection and storage of rain water from roofs run-offs in the homesteads of the community covering 21 beneficiaries, who include 20 small Families and 1 local Public Primary school in Ndurutu Nyeri.


The rain water harvesting tanks will have a capacity of 1500 -5000 litres.This will provide the families with clean drinking water.


The harvested rain water will also be used to water the 'Vertical and Key-Hole Gardens' that provide the homesteads and the school  with fresh vegetables.


The objective of the Project is to provide a long lasting sustainable and clean source of water in the community.


More information about the Project can be found under our Blog and Press articles below:







This Project is Funded by BINGO! -Projektförderung and Supported by Sandtorkai Handel Papenhagen via Kedovo e.V


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