Renewable Energy


Project No : PN 120. Kedovo e.V


Time Period: March 2015- May 2016


Funding : Centre For International Migration & Development (CIM) & KEDOVO e.V


Local Organisation Partner: Kenya-Dorf -Volunteers (KEDOVO CBO -KENYA)


Beneficiaries: Kamamunda Self Help Group & Kedovo Youth Group


Status:  Accomplished- Successful


Objective: Introduction of efficient and renewable energy


The project involves the installation of 16 units Flexi -Biogas digesters for the generation of sustainable & affordable renewable Bio gas energy ,through a very innovative digester system designed by Flexi Biogas International Ltd- Kenya.

Tis type of digester is the only known system that can be ran from 100% chicken droppings as well as any other bio degradable matter be it kitchen waste, farm weed, coffee husks, garden clippings etc.


In most rural villages, the most pressing issue is normally the use of wood fuel as a source of energy from unsustainably managed forests which has greatly contributed to deforestation.

Unstainable wood harvesting does not only contribute to the rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere but it also threatens the local ecosystems and biodiversity.

The project contributes greatly to the conservation of the environment.


Women and children in rural areas walk for long distances in search of firewood, hauling the wood on foot, leaving little or no time for farming, child care and other responsibilities.

Through this project,  we provide a non-polluting, renewable and efficient source of energy, save the women and children from drudgery collection and carrying of firewood, exposures to smoke in the kitchen, time consumed for cooking and cleaning utensils and last but not the least, the Bio gas system produces enriched organic manure which can replace chemical fertilizers, leading to improved farming yields and hence Food Security.






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