Agricultural Farming Volunteers

Agribusiness Volunteers will work with small-scale farmers to increase food security and production and adapt to climate change while promoting environmental conservation practices.


The Volunteers will introduce farmers to techniques that prevent soil erosion, reduce the use of harmful pesticides, and replenish the soil. They will work alongside farmers on integrated projects that often combine Vertical vegetable gardening, livestock management and food security.


They will work also with coffee farmers and cooperatives that practice environmentally friendly coffee farming methods. The Volunteers in this project get to participate in all the coffee processing methods, from tree planting in the nursery, coffee harvesting using handpicked methods, wet processing in the various coffee factories located within the host village, coffee hullling using the dry processing method to coffee storage and warehousing. 


Sustainable agriculture is vital to the community in Nyeri-agriculture being their only means of income- and volunteers can make a difference by helping nurture agriculturally-dependent economies and offering assistance to the small farmers to 

get their products on the local and international market. 


A volunteer in this project can assist in numerous ways depending on your interest including:


 .Identify market structures and channels in the supply & distribution chain;

 .Teach basic business practices eg general business planning 

 .Assist in organizing networks of local farmers 

 .Research into soil preparation and irrigation methods 

 .Research trials involving various crops and growing methods

 .Helping schools in the area to develop a small school farm so that the schools can be more self-sufficient .


This project is open to volunteers taking a gap year, career break, or a volunteer vacation and also suitable for volunteers studying or training in the fields of agricultural management. 


Volunteers live with local host families. Please click here for more information

Volunteer is preparing coffee beans.

Volunteer is preparing coffee beans.

Host mother is cleaning the coffee beans.

Volunteer is roasting the coffee beans on the stove.


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