Community Development Volunteers

KEDOVO's community development programs / projects introduced to the community involves approaches that communities can later on manage and control themselves. This is the only way that sustainable development can be achieved.


KEDOVO's Community development volunteers have the opportunities to help in various community work eg building projects in the schools,community clean ups, Environmental conservation intiatives like tree planting exercises and intensification of environmental conservation awarenessetc.


A volunteer who is keen to empower the lives of women and youth in Kenya, this is the project for you. 


Volunteer helping the host father filling the Biogas system

The community development volunteers also serve a valuable role in reaching special populations, such as orphans, street children, youth with disabilities, and other vulnerable young people. 


No special skills are required for this project and volunteering opportunities are available throughout the year.


Participants should have a positive attitude and be ready to adopt and enjoy simple living conditions with a host family.


Volunteers live with local host famies.Please click here for more information

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